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Digital marketing

As now people more and more use digital devices to search, buy, review products and services – your business can not miss the opportunity to benefit from the top digital marketing channels: Social media marketing, advertising and email marketing.

Learn how to:

- Make sales through Facebook Messenger and increase your revenue

- Run efficient advertising on Google and Facebook to get new clients and convert cart abandoners

- Use the full power of email marketing by sending highly-personalized and behavior-based emails.


Кристина Потоцкая
Кристина Потоцкая Growth Product Manager RetargetApp


Ade Lewis
Ade Lewis European Partnerships Manager

10,940 Reasons Why “Brand” Is Replacing Site Authority. Learn why Brand is now a major ranking factor. How this is affecting search results and what businesses need to do to build their digital brand footprint.

Владислав Вахильчук
Владислав Вахильчук Основатель маркетинговой компании

Диджитал нокаут от партии “Слуга Народа” аналоговым политикам. Как успешные принципы ЗеДиджитал использовать в своем бизнесе

Nick Jenkins
Nick Jenkins Ecosystem Development Lead | EMEA

Facebook Marketing Partners – Solutions for Commerce Businesses