Questions and answers

Where will the conference take place?

CEC "Parkovy", Parkovaya road, 16a, Kiev.

How to pay for the ticket?

We make an invoice which is available for two weeks.

After finance department verify your payment, you get the confirmation on your email. If you have any questions, please contact us:, +380 (44) 587-60-65.

How to get discount for the ticket?

The discount for the ticket applies to the type Standard and Premium.

For 2 people you get 5% discount

For 3 people — 7%

For 4 and more — 10%

Video and presentations of the reports

Video recordings of the reports are available to holders of the Standard and Premium tickets and will be sent within a month by e-mail. Presentations of the reports will be in public access, 2 weeks after the conference.

How can I get my ticket?

You will receive a code on your email 2 days before the conference. That’s it:)

If you have any questions — feel free to contact us: +380 (44) 587-60-65