11-th Ukrainian eCommerce Conference and Exhibition!

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16 different sections
40 exhibitors
800+ participants

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Each year SEO technologies are changing and becoming more difficult as well as the search robots are getting smarter. Years ago it was possible to work with all sites through one template approach. This way gave you a guaranteed result. But now the first place take the strategy and work with the big data.

In this section we will tell how to run ahead of, keep up with the trends and be absolutely sure about the project`s future.

PROMO is the organizer of the section.

Email Marketing
ONLY right Email Marketing
ONLY real success stories
ONLY time-tested recommendations
ONLY useful content, no advertising
Factum Group
Click & buy: what we know about the behavior of eCommerce user

What results can be discovered by using different marketing research tools and how to apply its results to the offline and online retail experience.

How to see the comprehensive picture of the marker — what does your target audience buy, how to find right touchpoints, what tools should you use for business planning. Speakers will share real use cases and case studies.

SMM for eCommerce

The potential of SMM in eCommerce is huge, but the majority of online stores still don`t use it. «SMM in eCommerce» section will open the secret about usage SMM for online stores and will answer how to sell via social networks in the right way.

— The best and the worst social media to use?
— What exactly should you expect from the promotion and what KPI set to the SMM-department?
— How did the blocking of vk.ru and ok.ru influence to the ecommerce?
— What is the correct way to evaluate the effectiveness of SMM?

The section «SMM in eCommerce» is presented by SEO-Studio.


For whom: for managers of online businesses (online stores).

What will be discussed: What is available? Why and how to use it? What to expect in the future?

Section for managers of online stores about the possibilities of Marketplace (CPA promotion model) in Ukraine. Online trading experts will share their experience of organizing and operating this sales channel.

Combine data to see the full picture and make data-driven decisions. Speaker will explain what instruments you should use to boost your analytics
Ольшанский и партнеры
Content Projects

Content can sell and the recoil of it can be measured by the specific numbers.

We will analyze with the concrete examples how automated sales and funnels work in Ukrainian companies.

Mobile eСommerce
It’s a fact that 37% of Internet traffic in Ukraine is generated by the smartphones. During this section, you will learn how to promote your business on mobile devices to achieve the maximum results from the interaction with your mobile users.

To client with love. We will talk about next topics:

— how to build an awesome loyalty system;
— how to keep customers;
— what attracts and repels customers away.

Next Generation eCommerce

The future of e-commerce: what will it look like and which forecasts are expected.

What will await for eCommerce in 5-10 years?

Will e-commerce stay in its traditional concept?

Contextual advertising
Speakers will share their knowledge about the cutting-edge marketing tools. The section will be useful for small and medium business owners, marketing specialists and everyone who wants to increase sales through paid advertising.
UX/UI, Personalization

UX is the foundation for performance marketing of online businesses, which directly influences the efficiency of advertising channels.

Speakers will show how to find user insights and convert them into effective interface solutions increasing business KPIs.

We guarantee ready-to-use techniques and instruments, that will help increase sales and develop your project.

The Law
What everyone should know: legal aspects of doing business online, requirements to the online retailers and consumer protection.
Logistics is the basis of e-business. How to avoid a logistical disaster during the holidays? Is it worth it to create your own logistics service and when to start? Selection of the vendor and other topics of Ecommerce logistics for online stores will be presented by our speakers.
Niche projects

Speakers from online stores will share their experience about the difficulties of the niche projects.

How to enter and promote your company in the Western market.

To decide a dilemma: expand or stay in your niche?


We will analyze in practice the effective examples of communication with the customers.

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Communication with the audience

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eCommerce 2017 Conference and Exhibition will be held in the conference hall of the Olympiyskiy NSC.
  • More than 1000 participants;
  • No-lines registration;
  • 4 spacious halls for sessions;
  • Exhibition hall with over 40 vendors;
  • Food court for coffee breaks and lunches;
  • Free Wi-Fi.

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More than 2 000 000 transactions are generated weekly on our clients’ sites. Our services for data collection, processing and management work 100% in Google Cloud Platform and are trusted by more than 7000 businesses.